What kind of site is it?

Our site Landroshop.com marketplace provides all sorts of boosting services for accounts in popular MMO game “World of Warcraft”, including consulting services and ingame currency (gold) transactions.

How to make a purchase?

  • Choose section on main page and then product or service you’d like to order.
  • Read description, mark desired options, state the quantity, and press “Add to cart
  • Upon pressing button, system will offer to checkout or to continue selection of goods.
  • Make sure that your cart filled with correct orders. You always may return to site and order additional services.
  • Fill all necessary fields, including email address and acceptance of Terms of Service. Other fields are optional, but can be helpful.
  • Select a payment option by clicking on it. There can be other fields to fill, depending on payment system.
  • After completion of payment you will receive an email with Order ID and payment confirmation.
  • Contact with operator through our site and tell him your Order ID to speed up its completion.

Payment options

  • Visa cards
  • E-currencies:  PayPal, Qiwi wallet, WebMoney
  • Direct transactions to bank account

Last option is available only in manual mode. Contact with our operator for assistance.

Money refund

You can always get your money back in cases like payment by mistake, misunderstanding Terms of Service or other unexpected circumstances. Also we shall return money if you aren’t pleased by your order execution (for adequate reasons) or in case of impossibility of order completion by some reason.
Landroshop.com appreciate its reputation and clients good attitude.
You can request money refund through our operator or by email info@landroshop.com

Account safety

Our driver NEVER use:

  • Bots or scripts which automate gaming process.
  • Bugs or game exploits which can get account to be banned.
  • Unfair boosting methods which can lead to unpleasant consequences.
  • Ingame currency obtained by dirty ways.
  • Personal data for anything, excluding order completion.
  • Your contacts for sending spam.

Our marketplace ALWAYS use:

  • Professional boosters with depth knowledge of the game.
  • Protected VPN connections and encrypting protocols for boost disguise and your personal data safety.
  • Fair and effective ways to achieve result.

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