Argus starter questline


With help of our service you can enjoy results instead of wasting dozens of hours for boring procedures.

Estimated time to complete:  1-4 hours.

Requirements: Account access 110 lvl

By ordering this you will receive: 

  • Don't waste your time for 7.3 starter questline, we will do all 37 quests for you (from “The Hand of Fate” to “Sizing Up The Opposition”). As rewards you will get 880+ ilvl relic, tons of artifact power, all main points on your navigation console (teleports in Argus) and access to Argus world quests.
  • By choosing I don’t have 880 ilvl gear will help to complete questline in your current equpment.

To clarify any details about level boosting, contact with our operator through chat in a bottom right corner.



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