Character boost WoW (100-110 level)


With help of our service you can enjoy results instead of wasting dozens of hours for boring procedures.

Character boost WoW in Legion expansion differs from what you have used to. Previously you had to do quests in exact location following the plot, now you able to choose which part of Broken Isles you will go to character boost WoW.

Game world around you will scale to your current level. Any location, any quest with its rewards, any enemies from common to rare ones. Although that does not mean that all locations are same easy for first leveling character boost WoW ; one zone could contain plain and simple quests, other may hold complicated quests with puzzles or crowds of demons and animals, which would slow you down. That is why there always exist best places to run in to firstly gear up into Legion items to kill packs of strong enemies easily later.

Simple player, which does not know where to go, could stuck in hard location, while other players will advance further. Landro shop and his professional team will help you with that! Order character level boost on our site, and we shall do all boring labor in short time. Let the game to enjoy you and leave grind to us!

Estimated time to complete:  2-3 days

Requirements: Account access

By ordering this you will receive: 

  • Character with 110 level in short period;
  • Average 800 item level equipment;
  • Artifact weapon 10 level

To clarify any details about level boosting, contact with our operator through chat in a bottom right corner.



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