The Emerald Nightmare Mythic 7/7


With help of our service you can enjoy results instead of wasting dozens of hours for boring procedures.

Estimated time to complete: 2-5 days

Requirements: Account access, 110 level character with 855+ ilvl equipment

By ordering this you will receive:

  • Achievements for killing all seven bosses in The Emerald Nightmare raid on Mythic difficulty;
  • By choosing Selfplay (EN M 7/7) master loot  you will participate in raid with personal loot by yourself. We guarantee 7 items for your character from this raid. However that will increase price because of higher difficulty for boosters.
  • By choosing PvE equipment 880   We will equipment your character in 880ilvl on mythic+ dungeons
  • All approriate for your class and specialization loot, which will drop during raid.
  • By choosing Stream option you can watch completion of your order online.
  • By choosing PvE coaching option, our raiders for one hour will explain PvE gameplay aspects, for tanks how to keep yourself alive and hold aggro, healers – how to manage party/raid health and raid-wide cooldowns, damage dealers – how to squish maximum DPS (damage per second) from your gear.

To clarify any details about boosting, contact with our operator through chat in a bottom right corner.



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