Estimated time to complete: up to the end of current PvP season

Requirements: Account access, 110 level character with 840+ ilvl PvP equipment

By ordering this you will receive: 

  • Gladiator achievement and title by the end of current PvP season;
  • Gladiator unique mount. Each PvP season rewards different unique mount for Gladiators. Upon end of season will be impossible to obtain such mount anymore!
  • Lots of arena achievements without additional costs.
  • By choosing Stream option you can watch completion of your order online.
  • By choosing PvP coaching option, our Gladiators for one hour will explain how to effectively play on your class in PvP side of the game.

Our Gladiators will boost your character’s arena rating either in 3v3 or in 5v5 bracket up to rating enough to enter in top 0.5% lines of rating chart. Also when season will be close to end, they will redo rating boost to be sure that you’ll get Gladiator rewards.

To clarify any details about boosting, contact with our operator through chat in a bottom right corner.



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