Reputation of the Legion


Reputation of the Legion is important part of the new expansion launch. There will be 6 new factions on Legion opening. They are needed for many things: for Class hall progress, for professions etc. Mostly, reputation of the Legion will be earned from Local daily quests and large Local quests. Latter ones include four Local quests, and if you manage to complete them in time then you will be rewarded with chest and reputation of the Legion. Chests contain gold, Artifact Power and Legion items. And each day you have to repeat this.

Reputation of the Legion set of factions includes:

  • Gaining Reputation
  • The Nightfallen
  • Valarjar
  • The Wardens
  • Dreamweavers
  • Highmountain Tribe
  • Court of Farondis

Some Local quests are available only for 12 hours, this quests need to be done twice per day. That is long, time-consuming process, which could draw your attention from other useful things. Landro shop and his professional team will help you with that! Order Reputation leveling up on our site, and we shall do all boring labor. Let the game to enjoy you and leave grind to us!

Estimated time to complete:  from 1 day.

Requirements: Account access, 110 lvl character, with 810 + ilvl equipment.

By ordering this you will receive: exalted reputation with one of the factions, which have been introduced in Legion expansion.

To clarify any details about boosting, contact with our operator through chat in a bottom right corner.


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