Work with us

We’re always looking for:

  • Ingame currency suppliers (regular ones)
  • Talented and active players with great experience and achievements in games
  • Those who able to organize team, raid leaders
  • People who want to earn money from their ideas, but don’t have solid and promoted partner

We guarantee:

  • Availability of work
  • Timely payment through Webmoney, QIWI, Paypal
  • Payment size depends on provided service

Application form:

  • Your name + nickname
  • Achievements and possibilities in game
  • What can you offer to us
  • Your contacts: Skype, phone number, etc

Requirements to all applicants:

  • Skype, phone number or other ways to contact with you.
  • Be 18 y.o. or older, have a passport.
  • Stable connection, be available to reach.
  • Responsibility and diligence.
  • To not steal clients or damage reputation of site.

Vacancy: Operator:

Responsibility: clients, orders and website management.

  • Shifts 8-10 hours per day, 6 days a week, one free day by your choice.
  • Fluency in english language.
  • Deep knowledge in World of Warcraft game.
  • Salary with bonuses, sum based on interview results. Payments every week. Seasonal raises.

Vacancies for players:

  • Gold suppliers.
  • Guilds and groups mastered Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry, willing to increase their income.
  • Raid leaders and people capable of organizing crowd for achievements.
  • Arena players with ability to earn achievements in 2×2, 3×3, 5×5, Gladiator etc.
  • RBG raids which are ready to boost 2200 / 2400 / 2600 / 2700 rating, Hero of the Horde/Alliance etc.
  • Solo drivers: powerleveling, quests, achievements etc.
  • Any unique service which you can offer, but isn’t listed on site. Don’t hesitate to suggest it to us, we’re ready to add it to our site and work with you.

You always may get more details about jobs and all related questions through skype: LandroShop

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